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Exploring renovation

Going digital in Elva, Estonia

About Elva project

As a digitally advanced entity, Elva will share expertise and advice that will be used to develop the digital infrastructure already present in Ermua.


More Affordable Houses




Increase in Accessibility Infrastructure


Increase in Building


Increase in Building

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About Elva municipality

Elva Municipality (together with the city of Elva) is the second biggest municipality in Tartu county. It is famous for its beautiful nature and good living environment. The Municipality is actively using different digital tools for engaging people in decision-making processes. Some of the challenges encountered by Elva are linked to accessibility, energy efficiency of municipal buildings or the need to plan user-friendly urban space. In terms of sustainability goals, all municipal buildings are to be renovated as energy efficient, and public transport will rely on renewable energy by 2030.

About Going digital municipality

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