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Meeting the stakeholders of the Nooruse neighbourhood

On March 13th, a meeting and workshop of the international Horizon project drOp took place at the Elva Cultural Centre with the stakeholders of Nooruse Neighbourhood. The meeting was attended by active residents of the Nooruse area, developers of vacant plots, a management company representing condominium associations, officials from the Elva Municipality Planning and Building […]

drOp newsletter 2023-2024 winter edition

Dear reader, Welcome to the second newsletter of the drOp project! drOp project is about to reach its halfway point. During the last months significant advances have been made. Our team has successfully completed the conceptual design of the Integrated Renovation Methodology (IRM). Following the spirit of the project, it has been designed under a […]

The journey of community engagement in Ermua

Co-creation and citizen’s participation are the backbone of the drOp project. That’s why the implementation of the Integrated Renovation Methodology in Ermua has incorporated citizens and local stakeholders’ perspective from the initial stages. This has been done through a series of participatory workshops partially based on previous experiences from the Smartencity project. The first workshop […]

Listening to the needs of the Nooruse neighbourhood

January 17th marked the start of the participatory process in the Nooruse neighbourhood of the Elva municipality, Estonia, as part of the drOp project. The workshop took place in the Elva Cultural Centre, with key stakeholders from the neighbourhood as participants. The meeting brought together active residents of Nooruse neighbourhood area, developers of vacant properties, […]

The starting point for the road to the ideal scenario neighbourhood

If this is not the first time you hear about the drOp project, you already know that one of the key elements is the residents’ involvement. The reason is simple: they are the ones living in the neighbourhood, so local authorities should listen to them, making sure they feel good at home. But how can […]

NEB or when sustainability, beauty and inclusivity take over the neighbourhood

Through its objectives and expected results, drOp can also be considered a demonstration case of the New European Bauhaus, which is why it was selected as an example in one of the latest reports published under the European Committee of the Regions. NEB is an initiative designed with the purpose of bringing the European Green […]

All drOp partners in Elva

Elva - Nooruse neighbourhood

Last October, drOp partners gathered in Elva for the usual meet-analyse-plan meeting. But the highlight of the two days was the visit of the Estonian pilot neighborhood. Brainstorming at the same table is still one of the best ways to move forward in a project. From the three different cities (Ermua – Elva – Matera), partners realised there […]

drOp newsletter – Summer edition 2023

Dear reader, Welcome to the first newsletter of the drOp project! We want this channel to be your way to receive updates with our latest activities, spotlights and news related to district renovations, social housing and social innovation. Since the project’s kick-off in October 2022 our team has completed the analysis and diagnosis of the […]

Demonstrating the Renovation Wave in the Affordable Housing sector

drOp had the chance to take part in the Tech Camp event, organised as part of the International Social Housing Festival 2023, in Barcelona this past June. At the start of the session, Martin Willemart, Policy Officer within EuropeanCommission’s DG GROW, introduced the Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI). Itwas launched along the Renovation Wave, with the […]

Representatives reflect and project the Santa Ana neighborhood of the future

The University of Mondragon, Tecnalia research center and the municipality of Ermua organized and coordinated a participatory workshop that brought together relevant and varied local agents, municipal staff and technicians of the drOp project itself. This workshop was held on Tuesday 4th July, at Izarra Centre in Ermua and brought together about twenty-five interlocutors for […]